The Chinese language barrier in the movie – NoodleThe Chinese language barrier in the movie – Noodle

The Israeli movie Noodle, was released in 2007
The movie tells the story of a Chinese boy whose mother worked as a maid. When the mother is deported back to China her employer, played by the actress Mili Avital, takes responsibility for the little Chinese boy and realizes how difficult and different the Chinese language and culture are.
Following is a short promo:
Mili Avital first gets a Chinese phrase book, but as happens with most foreigners who lack knowledge of the language, no one in china could understand her. Only when she finds a friend who understands Chinese to help her as a translator, does she finally succeed in finding her way around Beijing in search of the child’s mother.

Just as the heroine of the movie has difficulty dealing with the Chinese language, so did the movie production teamThat is why they hired the services of Lichi Translations. Everyone, on the production team, the Chinese crew and the child’s parents, all had the helpful assistance of our translator – Vicky.
Vicky’s Story: A Hebrew to Chinese, English to Chinese translator. Vicky is a Chinese woman, who became very involved with the Jewish community in the United States. Vicky learned and absorbed Hebrew and English to perfection, and even decided to convert to Judaism. After she immigrated to Israel, we began working together on various joint translation projects . So of course when Norma Productions (producers of the movie Noodle) approached me, I was happy to hire her as a translator on the set.
Noodle – the process was fascinating and the result is a wonderful movie. This example illustrates, through the movie and by means of the production process itself, just how much the Chinese language is a world apart.
We are available for any service you need. Lichi Translation opens up opportunities for better communication between you and Asia. Our translation services are from English to Chinese and from Hebrew to Chinese
How is Shai Agassi connected to this story? As with the service we offered on the “Noodle” movie project, we can manage any large translating projects, from all languages into any language. We recently supplied translation services from English to Chinese for a delegation visiting the new Better Place Visitors Centre; Shai Agassi’s Electric Vehicle visionary project.

We will be pleased to offer you similar assistance.

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