My name is Mikhal Heffer.  I founded Lichi Translations a few years ago, and since then I have managed the company.

At the beginning, I worked mainly with the Chinese and east Asian markets.  I studied Chinese and East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University and the University of Beijing. After graduation I wanted to realize my dream and create connections between Israeli businesspeople and that part of the world, which then seemed so far away and inaccessible.

I began my career as an interpreter to Chinese-English-Hebrew, and slowly the business grew.  Today, my staff of hundreds of translators around the world and I work in translations from any language to any language.  We connect people, businesses, languages and cultures from all ends of the earth.

In my blog, I want to bring you into the wonderful world in which I live day-in and day-out, hour by hour: the world of translations and international business.

I want to tell you a little about my more interesting projects, to expose you to some insights and things I have learned over the years I have been working in this field, and to share with you some of the thoughts and perhaps even contemplations (nothing too heavy or philosophical) that occur to me from time to time.

I hope that in this way, you will get to know me and Lichi Translations better, and I would be very happy to hear feedback, comments, criticisms and complaints (okay, perhaps we’ll leave that last one out).

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Mikhal Heffer
Founder & CEO
Lichi Translations

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