How to translate your Business Card into Chinese – Free of Charge

Have you ever been to China?
You might have noticed that when the airline Ticket Agent at the airport hands you your boarding pass, she bends her head and offers you the ticket with both hands, as a gesture of respect. The reason for this is that it has your name on it …

כרטיס ביקור מתורגם לסינית

Your business card, which conveys your name to the people you meet, is hugely important in China.

What if your Business Card is only in English?

When you offer your business card to a Chinese businessmen, they might have difficulty reading it if it’s printed only in the Latin alphabet. How will they pronounce your name?

Chinese and Western Names

The Chinese are not used to Western names, just as we are unaccustomed to Chinese names. Every language has sounds that other nations simply cannot pronounce. For example the Chinese language does not include the sound “Vi”. So how does one pronounce a name like Abramovitz in Chinese?

Your business card translated into Chinese, can be a pleasant surprise for the people you meet. The business man holding your card will be able to tell exactly what it is you do and pronounce your name out loud.

Our gesture is your Chinese business card.

As a business gesture, please send your English business card to Lichi Translations in an open graphic format, including your details and your company Logo.

We will translate it into Chinese and send you a graphic file of your card – English on the one side and Chinese on the other, all set up and ready for printing.

Contact us now before your next trip to China.

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