Such a waste of time – why not use zoom?

So why leave your comfy chair and travel abroad for a conference?
I too asked myself that question.
But truthfully, there are some undeniable reasons.
Attending the BNI Global Convention in Madrid was a wonderful
I finally got the opportunity to meet fellow
BNI members I had known for many years
but either met a long time ago or only interacted with online.
So, if you plan to make the effort
and travel abroad for a conference,
here are 3 advantages you might want to consider:
Face-to-Face Interaction: This interpersonal connection fosters better
relationship building, as you can read body language, establish rapport,
and engage in more meaningful conversations compared to virtual
Immersive Learning Experience: You can engage with presentations,
workshops, and discussions without the distractions that may come with
virtual participation. Being physically present also enables you to fully
appreciate the atmosphere and energy of the conference.
Enhanced Professional Credibility: Attending conferences abroad
can demonstrate your commitment. It signifies to peers and clients that
you are proactive in seeking knowledge and networking opportunities
beyond your immediate surroundings.
And just between you and me, it’s so much more fun! Right?
I’ve attached a short video I prepared, highlighting some memorable
moments from the event.

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