Chinese- English phrases for the Hungry Visitor – or how to avoid going hungry in China

What’s more miserable than being a hungry business person with money in your pocket — but no idea what to feed yourself? You’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, you can’t read the menu, and the boiled, hairy chicken feet on the table next to you don’t look quite so inviting.
Instead of pointing randomly at the menu and hoping for the best, download and save this handy vocabulary list for menu emergencies:

English Chinese Phrases for the Hungry Visitor:

English Chinese Phrases for the Hungry Visitor

English Chinese Phrases for the Hungry Visitor

True, it can be amusing and even surprising when it happens once in a while, as long as you aren’t seriously hungry and you land up with a good story to tell the guys back at the office. But if you are really hungry and want something to eat that will be filling as well as tasty, without Bug’s Life ingredients (which your conscience and stomach will object to your swallowing), the language barrier can be a vital issue.

There is a simple easy solution to this problem which you can quickly download and save for just such an occasion: our Chinese-English Phrases for the Hungry Visitor. You will find all the important key words for basic communication in a local Chinese restaurant which will help you choose and order your favourite food.

Yes, I know. Chinese food in China is nothing like the food in Chinese restaurants anywhere else in the world. Sorry, but that I can’t do anything about.

Enjoy your meal.

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