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From Gaza to Bletchley Park: The Role of Translation and words in Wartime

War. What associations and thoughts does this word trigger? Death, destruction, or perhaps tales of determination and victory? Almost all of the above – except the use of words. When we think of war-related translation, it’s easy to picture negotiations between country delegates and suited diplomats. However, even during war, where communication is overshadowed by […]

Are we about to dismiss all our translators? (Spoiler alert – No way!!)

It took Lenin exactly two days (in October 1917) to overthrow the government in Russia and establish the communist regime that lasted for many years. Our revolution is taking a little longer, and it speaks in all languages, not only Russian. I am referring to the AI machine translation revolution.  The machine is obviously not […]

“…Happy Customers – Happy Business!” is no cliché!

You’re probably familiar with these kinds of bumper stickers, often used on service providers’ vehicles? Handymen; plumbers; electricians; furniture movers etc…? You’ve probably driven behind them thinking, “Yeah, right…. “! But it’s the absolute truth. The heart and soul of businesses like ours, who provide services – are the customers. Without our customers – it […]