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All Roads Lead to Rhodes

“And what exactly am I going to do there?” So grumbled Ronnie, my significant other of 30 years, when I suggested that he join me on the trip.  “What does a conference for translation agencies have to do with me? Everyone there will be from the translation industry, and they will all know each other. […]

Lichi – A power of empowerment

Two weeks ago we celebrated International Women’s Day. On that day, when words like “empowerment,” “inspiration” and “equal opportunities” kept echoing over and over again in newspapers and social media pages, I could not help but feel proud of the journey I am taking with the team that makes up Lichi Translations – Anat, Reut, Sivan, and […]

Back to Beida

Where were you 27 years ago? Most of us lead a very hectic life, so it’s a little bit hard to remember how our lives looked like in the past. Military service, academic studies, weddings, our first-born child, a lot of water has gone under the bridge… But I clearly remember where I was and […]