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When a business reaches the age of 13, what experience has it gained that it can pass on? What can I, as manager of a long established company, share with others?
These were questions I asked myself before stepping into the production of 10 ‘tip clips’ that offer a smile and an answer to anyone who has a translation project and asks himself: “Well, what now…?”

So, first, let’s take a look at the first one we produced:
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How was the shooting? Hollywood! On the set there were two photographers (video and stills), a makeup artist and a hair stylist. I felt like a star on Oscar night, as if all the spotlights were on me. All that crazy energy, flirting with the camera, wow, I passed the screen test with flying colors!

Is this the start of a new career? If you happen to know a Hollywood producer, put in a good word for me….this is what I want to do when I grow up….

So here are a few translation tips for you

A professional translator 

Who doesn’t have a Russian neighbor or a work colleague who knows Spanish perfectly? It’s very tempting to ask him to translate a technical operation manual of a UAV, isn’t it? Well, the point is, you shouldn’t. You need a professional translator who is familiar with the field and knows the professional terms to perform the translation. All it takes are a few small errors for a whole translation and large sums of money to go down the drain.

To watch clip no.2

Specialized translation 

Translation isn’t just a matter of converting a text from one language to another. It’s a dynamic field that demands expertise in a great many subjects: hi-tech, finance, law. Go find a Hungarian who studied nuclear physics and has a perfect command of English!  Translation companies already have the right people in every field and every language.

To watch clip no.4

Project management

Planning a large, multilingual project? Go look for Chinese, Japanese, Russian – and Czech – translators, contact each one individually, get price quotes, answer questions, define deadlines  – you’ve got yourself a fulltime job!!

Isn’t it just easier to turn to one agency that will liaise between all the translators and run the project for you?

To watch clip no.3

So if you know of a producer in Hollywood looking for a new presentor, please give me a call: 972-3-516070,

You can also call me if you would like more tips how to manage your next translation project.

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