The Chinese year of the rabbit is just 2 weeks away – are you prepared?

On February 3, 2011, billions of people around the world will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and the arrival of the year of the rabbit.

At the recent China forum networking event, I gave a lecture titled “How can a rabbit make your business in China leap ahead“. Here are ten tips I summarized for you.

A few business tips just before the Chinese New Year begins

1. First and foremost, don’t travel to China at this time of year – there’s no one to do business with as everything shuts down for at least two weeks.

2. If you happen to be in China during this time, try not to travel much. Millions of people are on the roads and traffic is literally at a standstill.

3. Make all of your work arrangements ahead of time – meaning right now! In a few days, there will be no one to handle anything for you.

4. Try not to schedule new projects for this time of year – there is simply no point as they will get stuck before they even get off the ground.

5. Many major international trade shows in China are scheduled right after the Chinese New Year’s. Therefore, if you plan to exhibit in one of these shows, make sure to finalize all of the logistics before the holiday.

6. Try to schedule new projects right after the holiday – this is considered by the Chinese to be an auspicious time for new beginnings.

7. The Chinese New Year offers a good opportunity to strengthen business ties. This is easily achieved by calling your Chinese and Asian associates and wishing them a happy New Year, sending them an e-card or mailing them a New Year’s greeting card. The Chinese appreciate a personal touch so consider adding your company logo to the card.

8. Sending a New Year’s card written in Chinese can be surprising and heartwarming and is a good way to show your respect.

9. I recommend sending a New Year’s greeting card by mail – most Chinese offices have a special bulletin board on which they pin up all of the greeting cards received. Your special greeting card would be proudly showcased as well.

10. The Chinese say that not everyone will remember you sent them New Year greetings; however, everyone will remember if you didn’t. Remember: a little effort goes a long way.

Now is the last chance for the upcoming New Year. Don’t put if off for another moment!
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I wish you a fruitful and peaceful Year of the Rabbit.

Mikhal Heffer
Lichi Translations

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