Inspiring women can change the world

“Inspire a woman, you inspire a family. Inspire enough families, you inspire a community. Inspire enough communities, you can change the world.” – JWRP

Although the USA did not elect a woman to the White House, I still want to talk about women’s empowerment. No, it’s not going to be a feminist discourse, just the story of an enjoyable and inspiring project, in which we, a company run by women, were delighted to play a role.

The JWRP (Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project) is an American NPO that brings thousands of Jewish women to Israel from all over the world, including Latin America, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Cuba (for the first time!), and Russia.

Their mission is to bring young Jewish mothers to Israel, in order to inspire them to transform their families and communities, and ultimately, the entire world.

Since the project began, a total of nearly 8,000 people have taken part in this special journey.

GoInspire is a travel agency that has partnered with the JWRP, to create and provide a trip to Israel that is a unique, unforgettable experience.

In the course of the trip, the women experience a taste of Jewish culture, such as Shabbat and baking traditional Jewish bread (challah). They do fun things like riding camels (fun – if you’re willing to overlook the backache!), visiting a Bedouin camp, complete with coffee, baklava and darbuka drumming. They attend lectures on leadership issues and are invited to local families for meals.

Drumming Circle

Food Delicious

As you can imagine, language and cultural differences feature prominently, and a very special type of translation service is needed to overcome such difficulties. Did I hear the word “translation”? Do you know a translation agency that would relentlessly tackle this sort of project? I think I do…

“Language is a way to bridge the gaps between people, while each community is really unique,” says Emma Kaufman, JWRP’s digital communications coordinator. She cites as an example the considerable cultural differences between women from Cuba and women from Russia. Cuban women managed to maintain their connection with tradition despite being cut off, while the Russian women were not allowed to practice their religion and therefore have to relearn all the traditions that were lost. The connection between all these women is, first and foremost, their common Jewish heritage. Apart from cultural differences, language and communication can also be an obstacle.

The JWRP has produced a lot of collateral, videos and material and are now having them translated, in order to bridge the gaps and reach all of the participants. Emma continues: “Lichi provides this connection for us through their various professional and accommodating translation services.” Lichi Translations’ role was to provide interpreters in several languages to accompany the groups on their trip. We also translated written material: internet sites, marketing pamphlets, contracts with service providers, itineraries, PR articles, etc.

Touring the sites

Interpreter Penina with the group

“I really enjoyed joining the Romanian women on their trip,” recalls Penina, Lichi’s Romanian interpreter. “My own personal background helped me connect with them and not only translate what was being said, but also bridge the cultural gap. We were with them throughout their trip across Israel, and I felt that it was important not only to put the message across verbally, but also to help them understand things in depth and feel a pride in being part of this great heritage”.

Raizy, GoInspire’s program coordinator, describes the project: “A GoInspire trip is meaningful because it focuses on the goals of the participants. It’s not enough to book a vacation: the trip should uplift, challenge, and inspire. After receiving a list of interpreters, I am able to extensively interview each one of them, giving me the flexibility to choose the right person for each travelling group. Once we make the selection, this interpreter accompanies the group during its entire visit.

“The translation was phenomenal!!” Raizi continues enthusiastically: “Lichi is very customer-services oriented, committed to understand what I, as a client, need and provides exactly what we are looking for.

Rotem, our project manager, is amazing. She backs me up when I need her, and I feel very comfortable calling whenever I need anything. Bottom line, I trust Lichi – they provide quick and accurate service.”

Translation is our business and we love it, but when the translation project is inspiring and empowering for women, we love it twice as much.

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