Nice to meet you – Mikhal Heffer, podcast star

How do you prefer to pass the time when you’re stuck in traffic?

Do you listen to the Beatles or the Stones?

Negotiate with customers over the phone?

Check your voicemail?

Do your makeup?

Drink coffee?

Most of us use the frustrating time on the road to complete any possible task.

And what do I do? I like to listen to podcasts.

Through podcasts, I learned, among other things, about Napoleon and Alexander the Great’s journeys as they tried to conquer the world. I learned about the hole in the ozone layer, which, to my surprise, has almost completely disappeared, and about different aspects of the democratic crisis in Israel. I also discovered the answer to the eternal question troubling humanity: are there more doors or wheels in the world (there are a lot more wheels. Surprising, don’t you think?).

So from now on you can relax in the driver’s seat, turn on a podcast and listen to… ME :-).

As some of you know, I have been a BNI member for over 14 years. BNI is an international networking organization, and I am an active member of “Businesses Momentum”, a chapter operating in Rehovot, Israel.

Recently, Shalom Sionov, CEO of The Podcasia, joined our chapter. His company produces podcasts on a wide range of business topics. Business owners who want to be in direct contact with customers or employees can use a podcast to produce content. This way, their audience can ‘meet them in person’, as well as get to know their ideas, activities, and plans.

For example, the company recently produced a podcast for Assaf Harofeh, one of Israel’s main hospitals, and during each episode gave a voice to staff members from different departments.

So if a hospital can have a podcast, why wouldn’t our, business group have one too?

Shalom came on board and created a podcast for our chapter, in which members introduce themselves, their businesses and occupations, the BNI organization in general, and interesting collaborations.

I took part in the eighth episode, together with Gad Benett, managing partner of Paulina Ben-Ami Patent Attorneys. Click on this link for their website,  translated into Chinese and Japanese by Lichi Translations. We have both been BNI members for over 10 years now.

This podcast is usually in Hebrew, as we are located in Israel. However, we decided to record an episode in English for our global audience.

So what did we discuss on the podcast? Not Napoleon, Alexander the Great, the hole in the ozone layer, Israeli politics, or wheels. We talked about our respective fields, international clients, the AI revolution, and… wait, why am I going on and on?

Why not just hear for yourselves?

The radio is reporting heavy traffic on the northern highway… to listen to the episode, click here: “Businesses Momentum – the Podcast”, episode 8


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