We have a solution for the Corona Virus!

As if we did not have enough problems in our life – global warming, endless traffic jams and Harry & Meghan’s withdrawal from the royal family – Corona, known until recently only as Mexican beer, came along and introduced a new dimension of hysteria into our peaceful, worry-free lives.

Who would have thought that a tiny, unfamiliar virus, that in most cases causes some fever and cough and disappears within a few days without leaving any traces behind, might put whole countries, even the strongest, most developed ones, in quarantine and whole economies on alert. I do not intend to elaborate on the destructive effects of Coronavirus on the economy, the media is filled with it, but everyone by now realizes that in this day and age we have no other alternative but to change the way we communicate and do business with our contacts be they local or from overseas.

So what do we do?

We, at Lichi Translations, have thought about the scenario of a global pandemic. We consulted with some of the best experts and came up with a number of solutions.

On a serious note – it is no secret that we, at Lichi Translations, have always believed in remote work. We don’t have offices and all company’s employees and translators who work with us work from home and communicate with us through remote systems. Therefore, we can offer some solutions to the problem of remote communication, which is a necessity nowadays, and particularly, solutions related to remote interpretation. And who knows? Perhaps this crisis will be an opportunity for you to get to know these options and use them even after the storm blows over. Want to hear some more? There you go:

Conference call with an interpreter

You’re comfortably sitting, with a cup of coffee, in your spacious office and chat on the phone, on WhatsApp, on Wechat, on Skype or on your computer with Chen, who is forced to stay home in Hubei, and one of our interpreters joins the conversation to help you understand each other without exposing anyone to a grumpy virus.

Video Meetings through online platforms

David from Tel Aviv, Liu from Shanghai, Douglas from Kansas City, Jorge from Seville and Jurgen from Leipzig – all sit at home or in the office, connect to the various webinar platforms and conduct a lively business conversation. Such a meeting can be conducted by means of all of the familiar, video/audio webinar platforms. (…Zoom, GoToMeeting)

This way you can still conduct training courses for employees, webinars, online conferences – and continue whatever you planned to do face-to-face, through the internet.

An interpreter joins the platform and translates each of the speakers in real-time.

Real-time translation of conferences broadcasted online

Have you organized a conference? Your guests from abroad are not coming? Your local audience is in quarantine Provide them with internet access to the lectures and add a translated channel.

Nowadays, translation technologies offer innovative solutions. Conferences may be conducted and broadcasted by means of advanced internet interfaces, so that the audience may listen to the lectures without physically attending the event.

In such conferences, the team of interpreters translates the speakers simultaneously. The interpreters and audience likewise connect to the app on their smart-phones or PC and may listen to the broadcasted lectures either in the original spoken language or translated into their own language.

A good example of is a conference that was organized by ANSYS, an American company, which was broadcasted online on a remote simultaneous interpretation platform with Lichi Translations providing interpreters into the various languages.

Click here to read more about this complex, global project.


So, at Lichi Translations, the show goes on. We are fully available for your translation projects. We don’t forget to wash our hands with soap and sneeze into our elbow. Let’s hope that soon Corona will mean beer again, that we will resume conferences and meetings abroad and most importantly – may we all be blessed with good health!


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