Olympic tips for choosing a translation agency

Olympic tips for choosing a translation agency

I just love the Olympic Games and everything about them.

I can sit for hours glued to the screen, watching a Badminton match between Uzbek and Afghan players, or focus on the abs of that Dutch windsurfer (killer abs, by the way).

For these athletes, who come from around the world, the Olympic Games are the summit they’ve aimed at for years. Now it’s their moment of glory, and they give their all to get the job done. What could be more fascinating?

As a service to our clients during the Olympic season, I decided to help you perfect your capabilities in one of your favorite activities, which is, of course: choosing a winning translation agency – so that you, too, can stand proudly on the proverbial podium and listen to your anthem being played.


So here are three tips on your way to glory: 

Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Ready, set, go!


The Golden Tip: We will do somersaults for you.

Benjamin Franklin said: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” … and that’s as true today as it was in the 1700s. We all talk about ‘value-for-money’. That’s the added value which can only be found in the service, quality and support your vendor gives you. 

Ask yourselves: What is the service you require and what is the level of service provided to you? Is there availability and flexibility that works with your schedule? Is there a dedicated project manager with whom you can always communicate? Are you sure the service is provided by professionals? Does the company comply with the international ISO 17100 standard? 

The complete package – not just the price – will eventually set your satisfaction level from the translation agency you’ve chosen. 

Choose the best – and you will get the gold, the anthem, and the glory.


The Silver Tip: Reach the top during the money time.

Money makes the world go round. A business that does not make a profit withers and dies. Vendors and service providers must make money, but it is important that you feel that the price is just one of the elements and that, at the end of the day, you as the clients are the center of attention. 

When you are interested in hiring a translation agency, check how they calculate the services they offer. Is there a rigid pricing system (or a fixed price list), or do they go the extra mile to solve challenges? What is included in the price? translation samples, graphic design, guarantee? Make sure that the pricing is known in advance and is done with maximum transparency. Remember, ultimately, you are looking for a partner to journey with you.

Cost-effective pricing should bring you the silver … and a healthy profit.


The Bronze Tip: Scouting is the name of the game.

Just like in sports, a team with the most comprehensive and accurate scouting process can find and sign up the next star player. Scouting and assessing have become essential skills in our 21st century.

Would you sign any deal, buy any product, join a new gym or move into a new neighborhood without extensive Internet research? Without looking into social media and reviewing first-hand testimonials (from family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues)? Surely not! When you look for a translation agency, it’s important to do the same. 

A button click will bring you all the leading companies in the translation industry. Browse through their websites. Get a feeling for their range of activities. Judge the credibility of their testimonials. Cross-reference information, check how well-known the company is in the market and what their strengths are.

That being said, the translation industry, like many others, requires constant technological upgrades in order to stay updated. It is impossible to provide multiple services without advanced tools, manpower, the right technologies and training.

So now, like a professional scout, you dive in, search deep and wide, and evaluate all the data. You’re in a position to decide who’ll be the next star for your team.

That’s the moment to stand tall and proud, give it your best smile (although in Tokyo people wear masks) and prepare for your personal medal ceremony. 

May the best person win!


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