No need to travel abroad

Sometimes I ask myself- “What do I need this for?”

Travelling next to a screaming baby, eating some microscopic unidentified food, spending hours waiting for a connection flight in Istanbul next to a cheerful family from Kyrgyzstan, trying to communicate with people who have the nerve not to speak a word of English, running for hours looking for gifts just in case someone will be happy I even returned home. 

Travelling abroad is not necessarily a great joy. Why bother when you can see all the cultural wealth without exerting yourself just by attending the International Tourism Exhibition which takes place in Tel-Aviv annually.

This year Lichi Translations set up a beautiful booth and came to mingle with the world. It is so much fun to wander around the colorful and impressive booths, watch a Taiwanese dance, sit in a Bedouin tent, or listen to music form the Islands of Fiji. 

But why talk when you can watch a video, so here you go:

Incoming tourism to Israel has been growing impressively in the past few years, and last year over 4 million tourists entered the country. A significant part of promoting tourism is through translation of documents for tourists arriving by the thousands to Israel, including from countries that did not travel here as much before, such as China. 

Travel guide for the city of Ashdod

Lately we have been working with the Tourism Department of Ashdod Municipality. The municipality published a travel guide for the city and decided to translate it from Hebrew into English, French, Russian and Chinese. We at Lichi Translations managed this complex project which included also high quality graphic layout. Even the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai was impressed by the work, and followed me to the Ashdod Tourism booth to view the books. Perhaps one day we will receive a phone call from the Tel Aviv Municipality as well? “Ron, what do you think?”

With the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai

Additionally, I’m happy to announce, recently we won a translation tender for the Ministry of Tourism. Beyond the professional growth, I feel great pride – as a patriotic citizen – to take part in promoting tourism to Israel. As quoted by someone, whose name I will not mention here from fear of election propaganda: “We have a great country and a wonderful nation.”

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