Lichi Translations Holds a Raffle

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Lichi Translations sponsored a large hi-tech conference in Jerusalem, providing simultaneous translation services. At our booth we signed up people for a raffle, offering a prize of a free translation of their website into any language they choose.

Reduction on translation services

Pleased to see that so many companies had signed up for the raffle,, we decided that, apart from the main prize, all participants would win a 10% reduction on Lichi translation services, valid until 30.10.2010. Among the companies taking part in the raffle: Alvarion, Deloitte, Kesselman & Kesselman, ECI, IAESI and 40 other Israeli and foreign companies.

And the lucky winner is…


The draw was held at Lichi’s offices in Talmei Menashe on 7.7.2010, in the presence of Israel Topper, our business consultant. The lucky winner was Eyal Rabinovich, co-founder and VP creative and content of Mo’Minis.

“Mo’Minis is an Israeli startup that develops games for cellular devices By means of cellular operators, content distributors and other channels Mo’Minis’ content reaches users worldwide. Recently, Mo’Minis launched an internet store for selling cellular games in Russia, and it has plans to penetrate new markets in Europe and Asia – hence the need for translation services.“

A privilege

We were delighted that it was an Israeli startup that won the raffle, and we consider it a privilege to offer our high quality translation services to assist the company in breaking into the international market.

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