How can a rabbit make your business in China leap ahead

Every year the Chinese look forward to their New Year with great anticipation. This year the holiday falls on February 3rd 2011 and celebrates the Rabbit. Millions in China and other parts of Asia – mostly Taiwan, Hong Kong and also Japan – exchange special holiday wishes.

Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

See what our clients say!
Our clients send out Chinese New Year cards to their customers, partners and colleagues in China, Japan and Asia. They understand how much this gesture is appreciated and helps in building excellent business relations throughout Asia.

For a decade Biological Industries has sent Lichi designed cards to China
This week Daniela from Biological Industries gave Lichi Translations a new order for 350 Chinese New Year cards. For over 30 years the company has produced Life Science products and marketed them to labs, hospitals and industrial plants all over the world. Their main market is in East Asia and the strongest distributors are located in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

A small effort that makes a difference
“When we started ten years to send out Lichi designed cards to our distributors in Taiwan, we were looking for a special

Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

item: something that would bring us closer to our contacts and please them without the need for large expense or special effort” explained Daniela.

The result: Our Taiwanese distributors were really touched
“The truth is that we were really surprised by the market response. Our contacts were very touched that we recognized

their special day and did so with personalized cards bearing our logo and signatures from our team. They went out of their way to say how proud they were to get our greetings. This small act has certainly helped to strengthen our relationships with them.”

People in the Far East believe that wishes will be fulfilled
It’s hard to grasp from here, but the Asians really believe that when you send them good wishes, those wishes are realized and positively affect their lives. In offices everywhere in Eastern Asia you see a special wall pinned with all the greeting cards received. Only when you get the emotional responses from Asian distributors and clients do you sense the depth of feeling that such gestures have for them.

We tried to do the same via e-mail – it doesn’t work!
Only once did we try to create an electronic Chinese New Year card on our own and send it via e-mail, we were disappointed. We found that it had far less impact than sending a real printed card via regular mail that could be pinned on the special office wall. We learned.

Every year now we send Lichi designed Chinese New Year cards

We’ve even gone a step further. Not only do we send cards to our distributors, but our representative in China asked us for 300 cards for his end-users.

Working with Lichi is so convenient

“We enjoy working with Lichi Translations” says Daniela “The team is very friendly and welcoming, which has led to successful projects over many years. Lichi surprised us this year with a uniquely relevant design – they integrated a carrot with our logo, as you can see in the picture” Daniela added.

The Year of the Rabbit is your chance to send special cards
I’m grateful to Daniela from Biological Industries for sharing her information with us.

Now’s the time to send unique Lichi greeting cards personalized with your company logo to all your Chinese business contacts.

Our Chinese New Year cards will stand out from the crowd and – most important – they’ll make a great impression!

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