A Revolution in the World of Translated Subtitles

YouTube Videos: A new interface for translated captions in multiple languages.

YouTube, the video giant, has developed a new interface that makes it possible to simply and easily add translated subtitles in multiple languages.

Watch the video in which I explain how you can upload translated captions yourself.


How can this revolution help you?

It can significantly increase your viewing audience – your translated captions can make your video accessible to different target audiences in various countries, all over the world.

It can give you higher ranking in Google search results – Google indexes the text of translated captions as an additional information layer for each language. In other words, the more languages a video’s captions are translated into, the higher its ranking in search engine results, and especially Google.

What was the situation before? – It was possible to burn translated subtitles onto a video. This technique only allowed you to burn one language at a time. Subtitled videos were subsequently distributed separately for each language, a new distribution each time. This entailed higher costs and a great deal more work.

The new interface – a huge breakthrough – The new interface developed by YouTube allows you to upload a single video with an unlimited number of translated captions, in multiple languages, so that you only have to distribute your video once, for all languages! Easy, accessible and simple.

How can users select a subtitle in their language?
The lower part of a YouTube screen offers a small red button entitled CC (Closed Caption). When you click it, you will see a menu of all available languages, where the user can select the language of the subtitles. Users can also control caption size and even completely remove the captions.

So what can you do? – If you already have some translated captions, you can upload them yourself using the new interface (see demo in my video).

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