“…Happy Customers – Happy Business!” is no cliché!

You’re probably familiar with these kinds of bumper stickers, often used on service providers’ vehicles? Handymen; plumbers; electricians; furniture movers etc…? You’ve probably driven behind them thinking, “Yeah, right…. “!

But it’s the absolute truth. The heart and soul of businesses like ours, who provide services – are the customers. Without our customers – it doesn’t really matter how talented, nice or professional we are.

So, whenever clients go the extra mile and provide positive feedback or even recommend us to others, it is the best advertisement for our business.

Before the world swirled into a two-year pandemic, I participated in a seminar that discussed how to generate leads, new clients, etc. Truth be told, I don’t even remember who was the instructor, but I do remember that one of the most important things he said, was:

“It doesn’t matter what is your company’s advertising budget, the best advertising is by word of mouth. And if not a real mouth and a real ear, then recommendations through Google testimonials, feedback on your website, or better still, a filmed video testimonial showing the customer thanking for the service.”

Thus, I chose to bring you a sneak peek into several video testimonials showing our clients thanking Lichi for the services rendered. Whether it’s been a website translations, books translation or professional complex translations … that is the true reason I get up each morning.

  1. David Halbani is the owner of a web-design firm called DIGIMA.

One day, David (or Dudi, as he prefers to be called), the owner of DIGIMA Web Design, contacted us. He needed to translate a website he had built for his client, Dr. Raz Medical Center for the Obese. He required translation into English and Arabic, so we used an advanced technological plugin, which allows efficient extraction of texts from the website and direct upload of the translated material. I won’t bore you with all the small technical details – but I would just say that Lichi calls this service “One click website translation.” And indeed – Dudi was so pleased he couldn’t stop smiling. Want to hear what he had to say?

Turn on the subtitle option to read the English translation.

2. Uri Segev is the owner of Segev Design

Uri turns to us from time to time to translate brochures, leaflets and professional materials in different fields according to his clients’ business. These are always complex materials that require maximum accuracy and above-average understanding. Uri, who this time needed to translate material concerning cosmetics, tells about the process and why working with Lichi Translations is so agreeable for him:

3. Last but not least (I told you it’ll be short….) – meet Dekel Noy

Dekel Noy is a talented guy, who offers fun game events. When Dekel turned to me asking for a translation, it had nothing to do with his business. Actually, it was a memoir written by an elderly relative, in Russian. And let’s just say that the Russian…. was not quite understandable in the original manuscript. We were asked to translate the book into Hebrew and make it accessible to contemporary Israeli readers. Mainly the grandchildren of the author. Hence it is not only a translation from Russian into Hebrew but also turning a complex text into a legible, flowing and interesting one. Of course, we delved straight in, and Dekel’s reaction says it all: English subtitles are available.

So, if you are already reading this blog and have watched the above testimonials but still never worked with Lichi (G-d forbid) before – maybe this is what you’ve been looking for? Real people, telling about their personal experiences.

Gotta go… rushing to make more clients happy! Da…

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