No need to travel abroad

Sometimes I ask myself- “What do I need this for?” Travelling next to a screaming baby, eating some microscopic unidentified food, spending hours waiting for a connection flight in Istanbul next to a cheerful family from Kyrgyzstan, trying to communicate with people who have the nerve not to speak a word of English, running for […]

Our Christmas

Corporate events have always been a part of Lichi Translations DNA. At least once a month, we get together for a pampering breakfast on the beach, or for a fun filled day packed with excitement. I documented some of our activities in posts like “Meet the team leading Lichi to success“, “History, Agriculture and Roots“, […]

!Houston, we have a solution

Suppose you wish to organize a big conference, with delegates from many countries, some of them can’t speak fluent English. So, you hire simultaneous translators and an acoustic booth for them to sit in and translate the lectures to those present, right?  Now, let’s say you want to stream the conference online to the entire […]

A fly on the wall

A great expert on international politics I’m not, but it was hard for me to ignore the historical moment that reached us from distant Singapore, where, in a luxurious hotel, President Trump met with Kim – No, not with Kim Kardashian, though he would surely have preferred – but with Kim Jong-un, the small-figured outrageous […]

Waiting for a phone call from the Mossad

Whether you like Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) or not, here in Israel we felt a sense of pride as our prime minister exposed what was hidden behind the curtains – folders and discs that contain hundreds of thousands of documents of invaluable information on Iran’s nuclear industry. “An unprecedented intelligence achievement” said the white-haired man in […]

And the Oscar goes to…

Once again, the limo doors open and glamorous Hollywood stars in their tuxedos and designer dresses walk between the lights along the red carpet, and time after time the words: “And the Oscar goes to…” are repeated, and the winner thanks his grandmother Barbara and her uncle Henry in an excited voice and eyes filled […]

How I lost a huge deal due to a 9″

If there is anyone who is familiar with the Chinese business market and knows all its quirks and nuances, it is the Israeli businessperson, Avi Huberman. Avi holds an impressive record of thousands of hours engaging with Chinese business people long before anyone in Israel even dreamed of setting foot in this enormous country. Avi is […]

From the land of milk and honey —- and sea…

Those of you who know me (mainly from Facebook), know that in the past few yeas I’ve been a kind of a Dolphin. Officially, I am still a mammal, but I spend a great deal of my time under water. It is no longer the will to get in shape or lose another pound or […]

A Psalm to David, and to his translator

This week, I opened the newspaper and came across a large and cheerful headline. Israeli author David Grossman had won the British Man Booker International Prize for his book “A Horse Walks Into a Bar”.  Not Bibi, not Trump, and not Islamic terrorism.  What a great way to begin the day.  Certainly a reason for […]