How to keep your team happy

There are two things I really enjoy in my life, Being surrounded by flowers, and – my team at Lichi Translations. These women are really special to me. Now, as I was wondering one evening about combining these two very different but also very similar aspects of my life…I took the liberty of asking Lichi […]

Nice to meet you – Mikhal Heffer, podcast star

How do you prefer to pass the time when you’re stuck in traffic? Do you listen to the Beatles or the Stones? Negotiate with customers over the phone? Check your voicemail? Do your makeup? Drink coffee? Most of us use the frustrating time on the road to complete any possible task. And what do I […]

Are we about to dismiss all our translators? (Spoiler alert – No way!!)

It took Lenin exactly two days (in October 1917) to overthrow the government in Russia and establish the communist regime that lasted for many years. Our revolution is taking a little longer, and it speaks in all languages, not only Russian. I am referring to the AI machine translation revolution.  The machine is obviously not […]

Sharpening the Axe. Or How Not To Miss The Next Revolution.

“We’re so busy chopping trees, that we forget to sharpen the axe” Someone smart. Nachum – or Humi, as he was affectionately known – my husband Ronnie’s father, was a kind man, loved by everyone, myself included. Humi had a small photoshop on King George Street in Tel Aviv, which had been there since the […]

“…Happy Customers – Happy Business!” is no cliché!

You’re probably familiar with these kinds of bumper stickers, often used on service providers’ vehicles? Handymen; plumbers; electricians; furniture movers etc…? You’ve probably driven behind them thinking, “Yeah, right…. “! But it’s the absolute truth. The heart and soul of businesses like ours, who provide services – are the customers. Without our customers – it […]

The interpreter is also human

A tragedy. There is no other word to describe what is happening right now in Ukraine. I have never been an obsessive news consumer, and I do not follow all our brave reporters’ briefings from the streets of Kiev and the squares of Kharkov, but it is hard to stay indifferent to the sight of […]

So, what have YOU been doin’ in the past 25 years?

On a cold, rainy morning of January 1997, a young woman called Mikhal Heffer left her home in Ramat Gan and made her way to the VAT Tax offices in Givatayim. “I would like to register a new company,” she smilingly addressed the yawning clerk who had not yet managed to bite into his cheese […]

Nili, Josef and Yoav will master the English language, thanks to you!

I guess the Chinese or French might disagree, but to me, English is without a doubt the most important language in the whole world. A language that leads trade, commerce and technology all over the globe. We all know that without a good command of English it is very difficult to get by no matter […]

Lichi Translations. Vivaldi. Alliance Française. Mexico.

This might sound like the beginning of a joke, but it’s not. All of the above are connected. It all started in a Zoom meeting with my BNI friend Cathy Barrow, a musician and a specialist in marketing for cultural institutions. “Would you like to be a patron of the arts,” she asked? “A patron […]

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