Lichi – A power of empowerment

Two weeks ago we celebrated International Women’s Day. On that day, when words like “empowerment,” “inspiration” and “equal opportunities” kept echoing over and over again in newspapers and social media pages, I could not help but feel proud of the journey I am taking with the team that makes up Lichi Translations – Anat, Reut, Sivan, and […]

Back to Beida

Where were you 27 years ago? Most of us lead a very hectic life, so it’s a little bit hard to remember how our lives looked like in the past. Military service, academic studies, weddings, our first-born child, a lot of water has gone under the bridge… But I clearly remember where I was and […]

Dubaians, here we come!

Once when we fantasized about peace with our Arab neighbors, we would say, “one day we will sit in Damascus and dip pita bread in hummus”. So here we are: the State of Israel has just signed a peace treaty with the UAE, and soon planes will begin flying between the two countries, though I […]

One click and your translated website is up in the air

Research has shown that 75% of internet users prefer to buy products in their native language.

You don’t have to be Brad or Angelina

The Corona crisis, which took the whole world by surprise, has changed quite a few things in our lives. We hug less frequently but we walk the dog more often. We scrub our hands tirelessly; we learn how to identify a smile by looking at the eyes while the mouth is covered by a mask. […]

We have a solution for the Corona Virus!

As if we did not have enough problems in our life – global warming, endless traffic jams and Harry & Meghan’s withdrawal from the royal family – Corona, known until recently only as Mexican beer, came along and introduced a new dimension of hysteria into our peaceful, worry-free lives. Who would have thought that a […]

An Introduction to Spoken Dothraki

An Introduction to Spoken Dothraki – check out this amazing scene from Game of Thrones

My International Networking Month

You will not need to force or threaten me in order to extract the following statement from me: I hereby confess I love networking! I enjoy meeting new people and making connections. The “Giver’s Gain” philosophy suits me quite well. The wheel of the universe goes round and round. Every Monday, for over ten years, […]

My Greek Client

“Are you meeting with clients in the middle of our vacation? Again?!” My husband is grumbling as he and I are packing our passports, bathing suits, and towels en route to our Greek vacation. But you know me! I manage to fit conferences, expos, meetings with client and colleague into almost every trip abroad, not […]

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