You don’t have to be Brad or Angelina

The Corona crisis, which took the whole world by surprise, has changed quite a few things in our lives. We hug less frequently but we walk the dog more often. We scrub our hands tirelessly; we learn how to identify a smile by looking at the eyes while the mouth is covered by a mask. […]

We have a solution for the Corona Virus!

As if we did not have enough problems in our life – global warming, endless traffic jams and Harry & Meghan’s withdrawal from the royal family – Corona, known until recently only as Mexican beer, came along and introduced a new dimension of hysteria into our peaceful, worry-free lives. Who would have thought that a […]

An Introduction to Spoken Dothraki

Winter has finally come, a bit late… And no, I’m not talking about the minor drizzle that calls itself “rain” which briefly made an appearance in our region only to make way to the soft sun. I am talking about my new addiction. An addiction which hundreds of millions have only just recovered from, but […]

My International Networking Month

You will not need to force or threaten me in order to extract the following statement from me: I hereby confess I love networking! I enjoy meeting new people and making connections. The “Giver’s Gain” philosophy suits me quite well. The wheel of the universe goes round and round. Every Monday, for over ten years, […]

My Greek Client

“Are you meeting with clients in the middle of our vacation? Again?!” My husband is grumbling as he and I are packing our passports, bathing suits, and towels en route to our Greek vacation. But you know me! I manage to fit conferences, expos, meetings with client and colleague into almost every trip abroad, not […]

Treasures from the Mount

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is, without a doubt, sensitive. Holy to so many people, Jews and Muslims, it is a place where every stone contains generations upon generations of history. But, sometimes the desire to glorify the history of one side might violate what is most holy to the other. That was the case […]

Lichi, Douze Points

Allow me to begin with a small, personal anecdote. You’ll get the connection in a second. For anyone who still doesn’t know, Ronnie, my husband, is the author and illustrator of six children’s books, . His first book, “Chambaloo’s Treasure,” was made into a play produced and directed by our tremendously talented niece, Keren.  Keren […]

No need to travel abroad

Sometimes I ask myself- “What do I need this for?” Travelling next to a screaming baby, eating some microscopic unidentified food, spending hours waiting for a connection flight in Istanbul next to a cheerful family from Kyrgyzstan, trying to communicate with people who have the nerve not to speak a word of English, running for […]

Who’s Afraid of a Bit of Technology?

Anybody want to hire me? I work hard, I give all I’ve got, I’m loyal, a quick study, and ask only minimum wage. Well, maybe not that… No. Lichi Translations hasn’t fired me yet. After all, I am the boss. But, given all the signs, it seems that I might, in the near future, need […]

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