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Lichi Translations Holds a Raffle

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Lichi Translations sponsored a large hi-tech conference in Jerusalem, providing simultaneous translation services. At our booth we signed up people for a raffle, offering a prize of a free translation of their website into any language they choose.   Reduction on translation services Pleased to see that so […]

The Team Leading Lichi to Success

Several days ago, I hosted a meeting of Lichi Translation’s staff. To many of you, this might seem like a very common thing to do – an ordinary business meeting – but for me, it was anything but trivial. There we were, 5 terrific women, each one an expert in her field: Reut – our […]

Notes from the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce’s Visit to Industrial Giant Iscar

On June 21, 2010, the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce conducted one of its most fascinating visits ever – to industrial giant Iscar’s facilities. Iscar’s is an impressive group of 27 buildings set against the splendid backdrop of the Western Galilee. Everywhere you look, the eye is met by the beautiful green landscape. We left Tel Aviv […]

The Chinese language barrier in the movie – NoodleThe Chinese language barrier in the movie – Noodle

The Israeli movie Noodle, was released in 2007 The movie tells the story of a Chinese boy whose mother worked as a maid. When the mother is deported back to China her employer, played by the actress Mili Avital, takes responsibility for the little Chinese boy and realizes how difficult and different the Chinese language […]

Chinese- English phrases for the Hungry Visitor – or how to avoid going hungry in China

What’s more miserable than being a hungry business person with money in your pocket — but no idea what to feed yourself? You’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, you can’t read the menu, and the boiled, hairy chicken feet on the table next to you don’t look quite so inviting. Instead […]