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Meeting of the China Forum – Power Circle of Business People

On 9.8.2010, Lichi Translations hosted the second meeting of the China Forum. The forum is a power circle of successful business people, who specialize in services associated with the Chinese market. The aim of the China Forum meetings is to network, brainstorm and get to know the business community that works with China. The members […]

!Quiet, we’re filming

When a business reaches the age of 13, what experience has it gained that it can pass on? What can I, as manager of a long established company, share with others? These were questions I asked myself before stepping into the production of 10 ‘tip clips’ that offer a smile and an answer to anyone […]

New opportunities to Enter West China – Summary from the Fourth China-Israel Forum Meeting

The China, Asia – Israel business and networking Forum has held already 4 meetings. These meetings serve as a venue for sharing knowledge and experience and establishing mutual business relations. In this post I am pleased to share insights from the meeting with you.  The Business potential of West China Amram Olmert, who has been […]

A Revolution in the World of Translated Subtitles

YouTube Videos: A new interface for translated captions in multiple languages. YouTube, the video giant, has developed a new interface that makes it possible to simply and easily add translated subtitles in multiple languages. Watch the video in which I explain how you can upload translated captions yourself. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQwHdrgz4Z0&fs=1&hl=iw_IL&rel=0] How can this revolution help you? […]

Seven Secrets for Successful Negotiation in China

On the 3.10.2010 the third meeting of the “China, Asia – Israel Forum” took place. In addition to members who attended the previous meetings, there were new members who came as a result of the exposure the forum enjoys on LinkedIn, Facebook and through my personal mailing list. Doron Averbuch, who has over 15 years experience in setting up offices and […]

New offer from Lichi Translations – Greeting Cards for the New Year

I’m delighted to be able to share with you some good news from Lichi. I’m sure you’re familiar with the greeting cards Lichi produces every year for the Chinese New Year. Well, now we have something a little different to offer… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOWxvp2w3pc&fs=1&hl=he_IL&rel=0] Recently, I heard from clients about the beautiful cards produced by Turnowsky Ltd for the […]

A Peek at the Discussion Held at the Meeting of the “China Forum”- infringement of copyrights in China

As I told you, Lichi Translations recently hosted a meeting of the “China Forum”. The participants of the forum held a stormy debate on the subject of copyrights in China and implications for businesses that operate there. Should businesses refrain from entering the Chinese market, because of infringement of copyrights in China?Motti Harkabi: The problem of […]