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East Meets West in the Middle East

Not long ago I was driving along, listening to one of the morning programs. I’m not crazy about current affairs, but suddenly something familiar caught my attention.  The broadcaster was interviewing the president of Tel Aviv University. They were talking about the warm relationship between the university and the municipality of Nanjing in China and […]

Welcome to the Future

Maybe you’re not aware of this, but science fiction lovers, especially followers of the 1980s movie series Back to the Future recently marked a special day. Marty McFly, a typical American kid, with the help of his neighbor, the eccentric inventor Doc Emett Brown, journeys through time and tries to change the course of his life by […]

Diamonds are forever

What does the name Van Cleef mean to you? Well, for the more mature of us, the first thing that springs to mind is the menacing expression on the face of Angel  Eyes, the “bad” character from the classic film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, played by tough-guy actor Lee Van Cleef. But […]

Let’s ‘face’ it

Do you remember the actress Renee Zellweger? In the 1990s she was one of Hollywood’s leading actresses and starred in numerous movies, mainly romantic comedies like Bridget Jones’s Diary. Over the years, her fame faded somewhat and she disappeared from the headlines, until a few months ago, she astonished the media by suddenly reappearing with a […]

And… Action!

Lichi Translations is, above all, about people.Our greatest asset is our pool of translators – hundreds of men and women located all over the world, who supply us with top-quality translations in the language they have spoken from birth. Our translators connect us with the world. Thanks to them our clients can communicate with people who […]