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How I lost a huge deal due to a 9″

If there is anyone who is familiar with the Chinese business market and knows all its quirks and nuances, it is the Israeli businessperson, Avi Huberman. Avi holds an impressive record of thousands of hours engaging with Chinese business people long before anyone in Israel even dreamed of setting foot in this enormous country. Avi is […]

An Italian Morning in Jaffa Port

Imagine the scene: early morning, old Jaffa port in Tel Aviv, fishermen already out at sea, a peaceful atmosphere on the deserted quays, and… a vivacious babelof languages – Hebrew, English and Italian. It was so exciting to see the Italian BNI delegation from the Piedmont region, dressed in suits and ties, holding lively discussions with Israeli business people, and forming […]

Friend, partner or lover?

in many of my posts I like to write about our large-scale projects for VIP clients, rich companies, world leaders and barons and dukes who have crossed my path from time to time… But every now and then, a particularly engaging story crops up, a story about an ordinary individual who gets trapped in the […]

The Long and Short of it

“Is that all he said?” asks Bill Murray in amazement. In his role as a bored Hollywood actor in the Japanese movie Lost in Translation, Murray is baffled when the interpreter tells him that the Japanese director’s lengthy, impassioned stream of instructions just means: “He wants you to look at the camera.” The movie scene is […]

The Story of Walter Zanger

My father Walter Zanger was definitely a “character”. On the one hand, he was a reform rabbi with a vast knowledge of Judaism, who featured in the American documentary television series, Mysteries of the Bible, and on the other hand, he was a sort of hippy who grew up at the dawn of the rock’n’roll era.